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Consultation is a policy instrument geared towards stakeholder engagement in the formulation of primary and secondary legislation. As a procedure, it ensures certain categories of actors can access draft proposals, examine the evidence produced by government or regulators and provide comments.  Consultation, for example, oblige governments and regulators to carry out certain actions by giving citizens and companies’ rights to be notified, to comment on proposals, to know how comments...
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On the occasion of his inaugural lecture at  Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre UCL on February 4th 2020, Claudio granted us an interview where he explains what regulation means, with all its implications. Living in a world of rules is a conversation with the audience on why laws and regulations save lives and protect the environment but can also stymie growth and trigger corruption. Claudio explains how he became concerned and...
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The European Union (EU) is seriously considering the impact that developing or updating policy has on research and innovation. In May 2016, the Council supported the innovation perspective in the regulatory process following a policy debate on how to tweak the better regulation strategy of the European Union in order to strengthen competitiveness. The same idea of using regulatory policy to support innovation, competitiveness and growth appeared in a 2016...
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Protego hosted two doctoral students, Giulia Bazzan and Carlotta Scioldo (2019). Today Giulia and Carlotta work respectively at Public Administration and Policy Group, University of Wageningen and at the Dipartimento Interateneo di Scienze, Progetto e Politiche Del Territorio of Università degli Studi di Torino. We asked Carlotta and Giulia about the staying and what they got out of their visits.
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The Osservatorio AIR and its members are delighted to welcome Professor Claudio Radaelli to his new role as Chair of Scientific Committee.
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